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Canadian Waterfalls, Also American waterfalls, Cascata Canada, see waterfall 2 page, Alberta Falls

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Little Falls St. Mary's Ontario xfp

Pott's Creek Falls Upper longexp xfp

Pott's Creek Lower falls (c) xfp Muskoka, Ontario, Canada 

Pott's Creek Upper falls (c) xfp Muskoka, Ontario, Canada 

Little Falls at St Mary's Ontario xfp

SETON Lake, BC xfp
Pott's Creek Falls Lower, Muskoka On xfp AMA

Pott's Creek Falls Upper, Muskoka, On Canada, xfp AMA

unamed falls on Chikamus Creek BC xfp

Grand Falls, NB, Canada, xfp 2013

Grand Falls, NB, Canada, xfp 2013

Economy Falls, Wentworth, Nova Scotia xfp 2013
Uisge Bann Falls [lower] Baddeck, Nova Scotia xfp 2013

Munsen Falls
Oregons highest waterfall xfp 2011

Duchesne Falls 2, North Bay, On Canada,xfp AMA

Duchesne Falls, North bay, On , Canada, xfp AMA

Linda and Anthony at
Burliegh Falls, Ontario, Canada  xfp1966

Alberta Falls RMN Park , Colorado 

Ellie at Glacier Creek RMNP Colorado

Alberta Falls, Rocky Mountain Nat Park, Colorado

Doe Elk in Yellowstone park WY USA xfp 2010
Fording the           river.
Also See Great Parks Photos at;

Also see other great PHOTOS at

Niagara Horseshoe Falls the View from Canada xfp 2010
167 ft high and 2,600 ft crest length.
flow is 600,000 GPM
and the Upper Niagara River control dam.

Adams Creek Falls, Grand Lake. Co USA xfp 2010

Shoshone falls on the Snake River Idaho

???? Falls on Firehole River in
Yellowstone Park, Wyoming USA,xfp 2010

if anyone knows the name of this falls please write me!

Upper Yellowstone Falls on Yellowstone River
in Yellowstone Natl park Wyoming USA xfp 2010

Snake River Gorge at Shoshone Falls ID USA xfp

Twin Falls on the Snake River near Twin Falls Idaho, USA, xfp 2010

Shoshone Falls, Snake River,
near Twin Falls, Idaho USA

Fish Creek Falls 
Steamboat Springs Co , USA, xfp 2010
about 300ft high.

Fish Creek Falls, [lower part]
near Steamboat Springs, CO xfp 2010]

Snake River Gorge at Twin Falls Idaho xfp 2010
note; this is a great river, it only appears small because of the gorge size!

Lower Mesa Falls, near Ashton Idaho xfp 2010
on the Snake River.

Upper Mesa Falls, 114 ft high, 200ft wide at crest,
about 1.6 Km from Lower Mesa Falls. xfp 2010
on the Snake River which begins in Yellowstone Park.USA

Resica Falls [partial]Stroudsburg, PA xfp 2009

Websters falls on a cold winter day, Dundas Ontario Canada xfp 2009

Rosseau Falls, Muskoka On, Hwy 118 xfp 2006 CANADA, 2 photos

Takkakaw Falls , 300+ meters, Yoho national park,
Second Falls on Potts Creek, Bracebridge Ontario, Canada xfp 2009
North of Toronto Ontario.

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high summer flow, on Taughannock Creek.

this is the Highest waterfall in the Northeaster Eastern USA
                                                high summer flow, on Taughannock Creek.

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, 100 m high
and lower Yellowstone falls xfp 2008
                                                on the Yellowstone River, Wyoming , USA

Lower Yellowstone Falls, 100m , Yellowstone River, Wyoming, USA
Mush Bowl Falls with bridge, Murtle River
Wells Grey Park BC Canada

Spahats Falls, 245 feet high, xfp 2007
Wells Grey Prov park BC Canada
Spahats Falls, Wells Grey Provincial Park, BC, Canada xfp 2007
Webster's Falls, Dundas Ontario, Canada, xfp 2005

Firehole Falls 45 feet high , Yellowstone Ntnl Park ,
Wyoming , USA xfp 2010

American Falls at Niagara Falls NY, USA, 170 ft high xfp 2004

Interesting facts: According to the U.S.G.S. (United States Geological Survey) of Niagara

Falls, it appears that almost 1/6 of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls lies within US Territory. That would be the portion near Prospect point, Goat Island.
Also , what you see in these photos shows about 20% of the Niagara river water over both falls, the other 80% is being diverted for power generation on both sides of the border.

The total average water flow in the Niagara River is about 600,000 CFS,
most of this water is diverted for hydraulic power generation before the 

water reaches the falls.
Horseshoe Falls is about 167 feet high, a full, straight clear drop to the gorge
and river below. The Niagara River is the USA and Canada boundary.

Canadian Horseshoe Falls at early springtime,
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, xfp 2009

and upper Niagara River ..Looking South in winter.

partial view, actual waterfall is about twice as high
as shown here. This falls is difficult to photograph.xfp 2008

To see the Rogers pass area with actual location of this falls go to;

Sunwapta Falls, on the Sunwapta River,
Jasper ntl park , Alberta, Canada, xfp 2007

Shannon Falls, 300ft British Columbia, Canada, xfp 2007

[see high water flow of same falls above]

Cuttalossa Falls & Creek , 
Bucks County pa, xfp 2008

Cuttalossa Falls and Creek, Bucks Co PA cxfp 2008


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Pott's Creek Falls, Muskoka, Ontario, xfp 2008

Kakabeka Falls, Kaminstiquia River, 
near Thuder Bay Ontario.
[above] 120ft high- 200ft crest, NW Ontario, Canada, amxfp 1994

Canada Photos xfp 2007

Second Pott's Creek Falls,
Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada, xfp 2008

Websters Falls, Dundas , ontario, canada , xfp 2008
1/4 second exposure

High Falls showing both
 N&S falls from the front,
Muskoka Ontario, xfp 2008

Dawson Falls brink, Wells Grey park, BC, xfp 2008

Canadian Rockies from Icefields Parkway, Alberta , Canada

Bridal Vale Falls , NFNY, USA, in winter , xfp 2005

Sideways Falls on a nameless mountain stream
Canadian Rocky Mountains, xfp 2007


600 feet / 183 meters






Helmcken Falls, 150m+ high, near, Clearwater, BC, xfp 2007,
This falls is located on the Murtle River, Wells Grey Provincial park.

Tower Falls, xfp 2008 ,
Yellowstone, Wyoming, 132' high

Chase Creek Falls, Chase BC,
Canada, hwy#1, xfp 1994

Bridal Veil Falls , Chilliwack,
BC,Canada, xfp 2007

St. Mary's Falls/Dam, St,Mary's
Ontario, Canada, xfp 2008
Multnomah Falls, 611 feet, the Benson bridge where
Paramahansa Yogananda stood in circa 1927...
Partial view, on the Oregon Waterfall Route, xfp 2008

High Falls (south cascade) Muskoka, Ontario, xfp 2008

Watkins Glen Waterfalls, NY, am xfp 2008
Watkins Glen Falls,NY, xfp 2008

Rearguard Falls, Jasper Alberta, Canada, xfp 2007

Undine Falls, Yellowstone, xfp 2008

High Falls, South side, Muskoka waterfalls, Ontario, xfp 2008

Kayaking along Victorias Gorge Waterway , xfp 2008

Pott's Creek Falls , Muskoka , Ontario, xfp 2008

Yellowstone Upper Falls & River, xfp 2008

Bracebridge Lower falls, xfp, 2008
Bracebridge upper falls, xfo, 2008
Bracebridge Little falls & Waterwheel, xfp 2008

High Falls N side, Muskoka river ,
Bracebridge, Ontario, xfp, 2008

High Falls S side, Muskoka River,
Bracebridge, ontario, xfp 2008

Montreal River Falls #2, xfp, 1994, 
Lake Superior Park, Ontario, Canada,
Note ; this falls is normally a sliver of what is shown here.
To see the falls as shown you need to visit during spring or
during wet periods when the dam overflows.
This photo shows the full flow of the falls as it
might have appeared before the building of the dam.

Wapta Falls, on the Kicking Horse River, BC,
shown here at maximum summer flow.
98ft high, 200ft wide, 25km west of, Field BC, xfp 2008

Lower Balls Falls in winter, Vineland, ontario, xfp 2008

Websters falls/gorge, Dundas on xfp 2008

Tews Falls , Dundas on xfp 2008

Websters falls, Dundas on , xfp 2008

Arkona Rock Glen lower falls, xfp , 2006 Springtime falls on the Rocky mountains xfp , 2007,
hwy 93 , Jasper Ntl park, Canada

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
and Yellowstone Lower Falls & River,
USA, xfp 2008

Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada, Falls , 
Dam & pwr stn, xfp 2003

Athabaska Falls brink,
Mt. Kirkeslin in the background,
Jasper Ntl park,
Alberta, Canada, xfp 2007

Athabaska Falls, brink area,Mount Kerkeslin in Background,
xfp 2007

Yellowstone falls Upper Brink area, xfp 2008

you will see photos of the actual Upper Y falls

farther on!

Upper, Yellowstone Falls,
Brink Area, xfp, 2008

Burned forest at Yellowstone, xfp 2008

Upper Yellowstone falls,
Yellowstone Park , xfp 2008

Duchesne Falls, xfp 1985
North Bay On, Canada,
Note; This photo was taken before renovations were

done to the surrounding park, presently it has
been reduced to a group of small cascades.

Tangle Falls, Detail,
Jasper ntl Park,
Alberta, Canada, xfp 2007

Mountain Waterfall,
Lilooet, BC, Canada xfp 2007

Overlander Falls,
Near Mt Robson park, xfp 2007

Chase Creek Falls, Near Chase BC xfp 2008
Three Sisters Falls,
NFNY, x fp 2007

Lower Yellowstone Falls, 308 ft,
Wy, USA, xfp 2008

Qualicum Falls, #1near Nanaimo BC, Canada, xfp 2008
. There are about 5 medium waterfalls in
Little Qualicum River Provincial park, very interesting topography in this area.

Yellowstone Upper Falls,
xfp 2008

Sunset over the Snake River ID amxfp 2008

Old Faithful, a geyser xfp 2007

Bridal Veil Falls[partial], 1,214 feet
Jasper Ntnl Park Hwy 93,
Alberta, Canada, xfp 2007

Pott's Falls, Muskoka,

Ontario, Canada

Pott's Creek Falls,
Muskoka, Ontario, xfp 1994

Sand River Falls,
Lake Superior park,
near Sault Ste Marie,
Ontario, xfp 1994

Natural Bridge falls,
Canada xfp 2007

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Wahkeena Falls,
Oregon, USA, xfp 200

Chase Creek Falls,
Lower, Chase BC, xfp 2008
Multnomah Falls 611 ft
Or, USA, xfp 2008
Shannon Falls, north of
Vancouver BC, xfp 2007

Tews Falls, [Dundas]
Hamilton, ON,
xfp 2007

Canadian Horseshoe Falls,

at Niagara Falls, Canada Note; although the American falls is listed as being about 10ft[3M] higher that the Canadian Horseshoe Falls.
There is so much rubble at the base of the American falls that its actual free fall is less than half of that of the gorge height of 170 feet. Leaving the Canadian Horseshoe Falls the far taller one of the two.
Depending on how you measure waterfall drops.

Websters falls, low flow,

Soft water, hard stones
Horseshoe Falls, Niagara Falls, Canada, xfp 1993

Moraine Lake Outflow, AB, Canada, x fp 2007
Brooks Falls, Elmsdale, On, xfp 1992

Englishman River Falls,
BC ,Canada xfp 2007
Englishman River Upper Falls,
near Nanaimo BC, Canada , xfp 2007

BC Rain Forest 1

Little Falls, St Mary's, Ontario 

Balls Falls, Vineland, Ontario, xfp 2008 [see sidebar for more waterfalls]

Rock Glen Falls , Ausable Gorge, Arkona, Ontario, Canada

Rock Glen Falls, Arkona. Ontario xfp[composite am]

Rock Glen Falls , Arkona, Ontario, Canada, xfp 2007


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